Family Photography

Family Photoshoots: 40+ photos on DVD – £150

Kids, Couples and Families – in the studio, outside or both

My cost for a standard family photoshoot is £150, and includes:

  • at least 40, often more, processed, full resolution images, with full printing and sharing rights
  • usually 90-120 minutes, but can take more time as necessary
  • your choice of studio, outside or a combination of both

I also offer a variant of the above for extended family groups (more than 4 adults/4 kids), at £200.  Please contact me to find out more details.

Photoshoots are fun!

I love taking photos.  And I want the people I’m taking photos of to enjoy it as well!

So I try to make sure everyone involved is relaxed and enjoying themselves throughout.  I don’t rush shoots – it’s important to allow some time for you to get to know me, at least a little.  This is especially important in the case of kids.  Not only does it them to relax, but also gives me more chance of identifying some of their individual characteristics which make them who they are.  This is what I want to capture – and what encouraged me to focus specifically on people photography.

Family photography - Claire and mum

Bonner Family Photoshoot-20

Formal studio shots, or informal outside?  Why not both?

It’s often difficult to choose between whether you want to have those more formal photos in a studio environment, or perhaps more natural photos outside.  For those that can’t decide, or just want a mixture, I can potentially provide for both within the above package.

Due to the size of the studio I have, it isn’t suitable for large groups, but can be used for shots of one or two kids, and some shots of families.

Choosing this option can also be particularly useful given the uncertainty of the wonderful English weather – if we plan to take some photos outside as the rain sets in, we can pop into the studio until it passes!

Family Photography Hertfordshire

Family photography Hertfordshire


Aside from pure individual photoshoots, I also provide for:

  • family events – birthdays, wedding anniversaries, christenings etc
  • back-to-back shoots – for groups of friends who each want shortened shoots (eg, NCT groups)
  • informal shoots – for example, groups of friends before prom night

If you are interested in learning more, please contact me.  I’d be happy to talk through any options, and give you the opportunity to find about more about me and my photography.



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